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CH. Sunni has been bred to CH. Othello for a potential litter due December 14. We are accepting questionnaires/deposits for this litter.

The price of a puppy is $2,700.


  1. A $100 deposit will reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter.

  2. Puppies will be selected in the order the deposits are received with the breeder having the option of first selection of any litter.

  3. The selection will take place around six weeks of age at the discretion of the breeder in order to have time to evaluate show prospects. If the breeder is not interested in keeping a specific sex and there are no deposits for show puppies, the picking may begin as early as four weeks of age for these puppies.

  4. Each buyer will have a turn in selection according to the picking order discussed below. If the buyer is offered a healthy puppy of the sex requested and refuses the puppy, his/her deposit will be forfeited. If the buyer has requested a normal coated puppy, and only a long coated puppy is available, then the deposit holder may remain on the list for a future litter. If there are no puppies available for the buyer, the available puppy has a health defect or the puppy is not the requested sex, the deposit holder will remain on the list for a future litter

  5. If, at the time of selection, the deposit holder does not respond to the breeder’s contacts to commit to purchasing a puppy, then the deposit holder forfeits any rights to a puppy and the deposit. The deposit holder must respond to the breeders within three days of initial contact, which will include attempts by phone and email.

  6. The buyer is expected to respond to the breeder's contacts to arrange how the puppy will be picked up or shipped. If the buyer has not responded to the breeder's communications, including contact by email and phone, by eight weeks of age, and made plans accordingly, then the breeder is free to sell the puppy to another.

  7. Beginning at 10 weeks old, there will be a $100 boarding charge each week for puppies not yet picked up. If arrangements have not been made to pick up the puppy by ten weeks of age, the puppy may be sold to another with no refund of the payment made.

Picking Order (Updated August 28, 2018) :

  1. In every litter, the breeder reserves the first pick male and female to be kept or sold at his/her discretion. In certain instances, more than one puppy of a sex may be reserved for the breeder.

  2. The breeder will keep a list of deposits received. When a litter is confirmed, the breeder will contact the deposit holders by order of deposit to see if they want to be on the list for the litter. Once contacted, the deposit holder must respond within three days to be on the list for the litter.

  3. If no puppy is available for the deposit holder on the list, they will remain on the list to be offered selection in the next litter.

  4. If a deposit holder has committed to a litter and then decides not to get a puppy from the litter, the deposit will not be refunded and no future puppy will be offered. This assumes that a puppy of the requested sex was available for them.

  5. If a deposit holder passes on two litters offered, the deposit will be lost and the deposit holder removed from the list unless otherwise arranged with the breeder.

  6. The order of selection for a litter cannot be determined until the puppies are a week old, and number and sex distribution is known.

  7. No one can be on the list for a puppy without a deposit.