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Welcome to Kamikaze Akitas. This website is for sharing information about our AKC Akita show dogs, planned breedings and available Akita puppies. We are located on five acres outside of Cuba, Missouri, about an hour west of St. Louis, Missouri and about six hours south of Chicago, Illinois. Here, David works as a Production Manager for Royal Canin and Brandy is a school librarian, which gives her flexibility and summers off for care of the Akitas.

At Kamikaze Akitas, our motto is “Champions in the Ring and at Home.” Having both been raised on farms, we have both been lifelong animal lovers. Though we have experienced different kinds of animals, we have always had large dogs. David grew up with Great Pyrenees. Brandy had her first Akita dog, Teddy, at the age of 10 and her first litter of puppies, Labrador Retrievers, at the age of 16.

Our love of dogs led us to embark on an adventure to show dogs in 2012, when we took our first classes with our kennel club. We've been hooked since.

At Kamikaze, we show our Akitas ourselves and invest a lot of time in them: grooming, training and socializing. We live 45 minutes from Purina Farms, where we take our Akitas for practices and dog shows. We are members of the Rolla Missouri Kennel Club and the Akita Club of America (ACA).

Our dogs are often seen with us on outings outside of dog shows to places like the Shakespeare Festival, Forest Park in St. Louis, our local Jimmy Johns, kennel club meetings, festivals, Petco and many other locations. We care about our dogs beyond the show ring as valued companions.

Thus, our motto. We strive to produce not only quality in Akita puppies, but also the type of loving companionship that may enrich their owners' lives.

*Our website is named after Kamikaze-Go, the first Akita to be brought to the United States by Helen Keller. Keller received the Akita as an esteemed gift from the Japanese people while on a speaking tour.